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Over the years, Claus has written a few books and papers about various topics: Christianity, Calendars, and Mathematics.

You'll find items in both English and Danish here.

Where Are the Lions?

Tales from the New Jerusalem

A free ebook.

Many Christian novels describe the end times leading up to the second coming of Christ, but I have never come across a novel that described what happened thereafter. So I decided to write a story that takes place a few centuries into eternity.

I think that many Christians are much too afraid of imagining what life after our resurrection will be like. I'm convinced that it will be so much more than just sitting on a cloud, strumming a harp.

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Surreal Numbers

Surreal numbers are an interesting subject in mathematics.

I've written an introduction to the subject. (A PDF file.)

Hell and a Loving God

Is it possible to see hell and destruction as a side of God's love?

I have written a book in which I attempt to tackle this problem. There are no cheap solutions, but I believe that it is possible to retain our belief in God's love, even when we are confronted with the reality of hell.

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(Danish) En julehistorie

I have written a short story in Danish about how the angels in the Castle of Heaven prepared for the first Christmas.

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(Danish) Julius og Gregor

I have written a handbook in Danish about the history of calendars.

If you don't understand Danish, you may find some of the information in the Calendar FAQ.

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