Tales from the New Jerusalem

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Many Christian novels describe the end times leading up to the second coming of Christ, but I have never come across a novel that described what happened thereafter. So I decided to write a story that takes place a few centuries into eternity.

I had two reasons for doing so. First, I think that many Christians are much too afraid of imagining what life after our resurrection will be like. I'm convinced that it will be so much more than just sitting on a cloud, strumming a harp. We have been promised a resurrection of the body. I believe that means that our eternal life will be an active one, a life as the one God intended for Adam and Eve. I'm sure my imagination doesn't even begin to capture what eternal life will be like – but I see no harm in daydreaming about it.

Second, I wondered if would be possible to write a story that would be interesting to read, even if everybody in it is kind and loving, and nobody is ever in any danger or pain.

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The book can be downloaded for free in these formats:

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A Danish translation of the book is available as "Hvor er løverne henne?".